Park Map

One of the many unique aspects of Priors Hall Park is our attractive setting in extensive parkland, taking inspiration from the parkland tradition of Rockingham Forest and overlaying it with a 21st-century interpretation. The first phase sees existing site features incorporated to create a unique and high-quality environment split into three distinct areas; Rockingham Gate, Town Gardens and Weldon Lakes.

Rockingham Gate

Located to the north of the development, Rockingham Gate incorporates existing trees into the new landscaping. The houses across Priors Hall Park are strictly design controlled, and the Rockingham Gate area makes use of local stone and materials from the quarry that once operated onsite.

Town Gardens

For a community feel, look no further than Town Gardens. Situated at the centre of the Park, this area provides an anchor that unites all of its residents. Featuring Regency style, London-inspired housing, offset by the beautiful surrounding County Wildlife Site, Town Gardens offers the best of both worlds, with a strong sense of community bolstered by the privacy that’s often lost in urban residential environments.

Weldon Lakes

If you’re looking for a more tranquil setting, Weldon Lakes can be found in the southern part of the development. As suggested by its name, the centrepiece here is the stunning seven-acre lake which attracts many species of local wildlife. Using quality craftsmanship, these houses have their own unique character to reflect their enviable location, creating a relaxing environment that can be appreciated by everyone.