The history surrounding Priors Hall Park goes far beyond our beginnings in 2007 and we're very proud to boast that the Park contains the remains of two ancient Roman Villas. Previous excavation work at the south end of site, now known as Weldon Lakes, revealed the remains of Little Weldon Roman Villa, thought to date back to the 2nd century.

Originally excavated in 1738, and then re-excavated in the 1950’s, it is thought that due to its size, the Villa was occupied by a family of several generations, along with their servants and slaves. It is understood that the Romans were the first miners of the local iron ore and mosaic pavements and coins were also found during the dig.

The villa was believed to have been abandoned in the mid-4th century.

A Roman road, field systems, areas of industrial activity and a small cemetery have also been identified surrounding the villa complex, which has been listed as a Scheduled Ancient Monument, a legally protected archaeological site that is considered to be of national importance. 

In accordance with the agreed Heritage Management Plan, the landscape is maintained in a way in which machinery does not compromise the shallow nature of the archaeological features. For example, our onsite Estate's team ensures the meadow grass is maintained as a longer sward to denote the area of archaeological interest and provide ecological habitat. This area is visible in the photo on the right.

In the 19th Century, the local ironstone industry began with the introduction of the railway, with the original quarries occupying the land where Priors Hall Park now stands.

In 1931 Corby was still a small village with a population of around 1500, by 1939 this had grown to over 12,000.

In 2007 the original outline planning permission was granted for Priors Hall Park, with plans to build just over 5,000 houses on the 900 acres of land.

In 2018 we reached the milestone of our 1,000th house sale and with preparation already underway for our future phases, we're ready to welcome you!

SAM field zone 3 Buckle
SAM field zone 3 Buckle